Our Services


We have developed comprehensive and dynamic procedures for identifying the right people for the right jobs every time

Having invested enormously in land, machine and equipment, your organization requires the right people in terms of character and competence, timeously, and at the right price – these being very key and germane to the attainment of operational efficiency and over-all corporate success.

Our team of experts may sit with you to determine your needs or where you have clearly identified your needs, obtain your list of positions to be filled, person specifications, job descriptions etc. and from our data base we can make available for you to be interviewed by you along with our team suitably qualified candidates to man your key positions at all levels.
Where necessary, we may head-hunt for suitable candidates.

Furthermore, we may advertise for suitable applicants to fill the vacancies, either anonymously (that is, without putting the name of your organization so as to free you from the pressure of lobbying, especially from sources you may find it difficult to say ‘No’ to) or in your name where this could also serve as an ad for your organization.

We will save you from the ordeal of wading through thousands of applications and present to you a short-list of prima facie suitable candidates who have been sifted from the chaffs. One major advantage of contracting the Recruitment exercise to us is that it frees you to devote your time and other resources to the other core business of your organization, while we professionally sort things out for you expeditiously in this area.

Staff and Function Outsourcing

As we do for a number of organizations, in line with global practice, we render this service so that the partnering organization may enjoy the following benefits:

  • The flexibility to adjust staff requirements for optimum efficiency via predetermined service levels.
  • The continuity of staff supply without the disruption of any local staff shortages as well as avoidance of waste in employing or retaining unrequired staff.
  • Dedicated contract supervision for improved performance.
  • Risks/ Responsibilities transferred to Total Data Limited thereby include:
    • -Administration of payroll and statutory responsibilities
    • -Defined HR, IR, Labour- Management and related functions.
  • Client’s Management is thereby liberated from the shackles of such routines to focus on the core business of the company, consequently enhancing productivity and improving efficiency.

Debt Recovery

We are an Asset Management Partner with the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria with over twenty (20) obligors in our portfolio.

For every goods sold or services rendered there must be a commensurate compensation. In every business, there are chances that you will be owed money by one (or maybe more) person or organisation for weeks, months, or even years. We are committed to ensuring that you quickly (and safely) recover your debt while safeguarding your relationship with customers and Company image.

We have competent and efficient personnel including former bankers, legal practitioners and valuers with experience for instigating recovery activities in order to minimize risk, costs and optimize returns. We ensure complete loan resolution in an efficient and professional manner. When necessary we would initiate legal actions to further the loan recovery mandate.

Our accumulated experiences would enable us to negotiate payment, settlement and restructuring terms with obligors. However, our real expertise lies in our ability to analyze credit reports, loan histories and financial records to come up with suggestions for establishing payment plans.

We also have a very good record when it comes to tracing, identifying and locating obligors and their assets. All you need to do is tell us:

  • Who owes you?
  • How much is owed?
  • How old is their debt?

HRIS/ Payroll Software/ Solutions

We offer a robust HRIS/Payroll Software/solutions with the capacity to do the following:

  • Timesheet Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Payroll Management with strong flexibility to accommodate all financial system requirement-Channels, Regional Spread, Cost Centre, Time and Level of Effort Allocation
  • Manage Level Administration
  • Support Performance Management
  • Enforce controllable ‘right’ to relevant users
  • Compatibility for integration with all accounting system
  • Provide payroll reports showing all payroll items in one report
  • Employee Records Management
  • Enable Relevant user(s) produce or extract Customized Report with specified parameters.